We are worried about generalising because weather is notoriously unreliable of course. However, as a rough guide;


March and April, September and October are mostly glorious (ie warm or hot english summer’s day) although Springtime can be wet.


June, July and August; cloudless blue skies practically guaranteed and hot in the afternoons (up to 35C, sometimes higher). There is generally a northerly wind.

November – February tend to fall in to one of 2 patterns; the norm is high pressure with cold misty mornings, light northerly winds, brilliant sun and warmth bursting through around 11am and then warm afternoons (up to 20C) before a sudden drop to cold nights around the wood burning stove. Or, less commonly, low pressure with warm cloudy days, a southerly wind and some rain, sometimes impressive downpours.


These winter months are ideal for walking.


What an amazing find, a real get away from it all place. Somewhere you don't remember the date the time or even the day!
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