Messing about on the river

2 touring kayaks, a Canadian canoe and ‘Loon’, our sturdy sailing dinghy with outboard engine, come as part of the Casa Guadiana package. Despite being 25 miles up from the mouth of the river the water here, although fresh, is still tidal and river trips need to be planned with the tidal current in mind. Swimming in the river is safe and clean. The water is swimming pool temperature for most of the summer (May to October) and is cooler but usually tolerable in April and November. If you time it right with the tide you can swim across to Spain!


There’s plenty to see on the river both upstream and downstream within a few kilometres of Casa Guadiana, and in the house there are suggestions of places to go if you would like to explore further afield. The tributary river, the Vascao,is 5km upstream and here, above the old Roman mill dam, are a succession of pools ideal for swimming. In the early autumn fresh pomegranates can be picked from the many trees growing on the banks.

What an amazing find, a real get away from it all place. Somewhere you don't remember the date the time or even the day!
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