Casa Guadiana is situated on the banks of the Guadiana River in the Algarve region of Portugal, just 1hr 15mins’ drive from Faro airport by car (public transport not for the faint-hearted!). The river here forms the border between Portugal and Spain so from the terrace of Casa Guadiana you look across the water to Andalucia a little over 100 metres away. On the portuguese side, the border between the Algarve and the Alentejo (Portugal’s most unspoilt province), is approximately 15km away by road.


The house is about 4km upstream from Alcoutim and 3km east of Cortes Pereiras, both of which are marked on the Michelin map No. 595. See also Google map.


The Guadiana is one of Europe’s great undiscovered rivers, with 75km of beautiful, navigable waterway between the twin towns of Vila Real and Ayamonte at the mouth of the river and the old fortified town of Mertola, in Portugal, the highest point of navigation for boats. Canoeists have a further 25km of very remote water to explore upstream of Mertola (bring your own tent).


If you’re more at home on dry land, you can drive through the thinly populated Baixo Alentejo, with its cork and olive groves, to the beautiful and historic old Portuguese towns of Mertola, Serpa and Moura. There, together with a real sense of the history of this fascinating area, you will find local restaurants offering regional dishes and the excellent Alentejo wine.


Heading south the nearest of the glorious beaches of the Algarve is just 45 minutes away, and the famous golf courses are scattered all along the coast to the west. In Spain the old border fishing town of Ayamonte is well worth a visit and the fantastic city of Seville can be reached in 2 hours.

Real tranquillity is rare - you have it here. We've had a wonderfully relaxing time interspersed with exploring the beautiful surroundings. We went to 'Hannah's Pool' in the Vascao and the girls loved swimming there and jumping off the rock. Picking fresh pomegranates off the tree was a joy. We've been upriver twice and explored the Vascao by canoe. The house is well-equipped and very comfortable. The view of the river is superb - the perfect spot. Thank you.
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