Electricity and Communications

Casa Guadiana is an eco-house. Its electricity supply comes from solar panels and as such is limited. It therefore requires sensible management of power use. There should be enough power for lighting and charging phones and computers, but you should turn off lights when not needed and avoid leaving anything on all night long as this prevents the system going into hibernation mode.

The washing machine can be used when the sun is shining on the panels, but other heavy-duty items with heating elements such as hair dryers, curling tongs and irons must NEVER EVER be used as they risk damaging the system.


There is a generator which may need to be started up on cloudy days and run for an hour or so.

There is no internet access at Casa Guadiana but there is a public wifi internet service and computer terminals available for public use in Alcoutim library for a nominal fee. There is also wifi at the Riverside Café. There is a weak mobile phone signal on the terrace at Casa Guadiana but if you drive 2km back up the road you’ll get a full-strength signal.

This holiday had lived up to all we hoped and expected. It is such a beautiful and quiet place. We seem to have spent hours on Loon travelling up and down. Our evening trips to Sanlúcar for an early evening drink have been a joy. We explored the Vascao and watched the basking black turtles. Our last day we sailed to Pomarao upstream - it is really WORTH THE TRIP. Other highlights: swimming to Spain!; canoeing (no big expeditions, too hot in daytime); having sharp knives and decent cooking pots; gorgeous bedding and simple decor
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