Checking text

Make sure you carefully check all the text in your design (including all web addresses, emails, phone numbers etc) and also the suitability of every image used. If in doubt have the design checked by someone you trust. Other people can often spot issues that you may have missed.


Colour accuracy

Proofs are normally sent in the form of a digital file (JPEG or PDF).  Bear in mind that the colours displayed on the screen won't necessarily match exactly the colours when printed.  Screens use RBG (red, green and blue) to display colours, while printers use CYMK inks (cyan, yellow, magenta and black) on the paper.




On the screen:

Colours displayed on a screen may appear overly bright, with much more vivid colours.











In print:

Colours in print are generally more subdued. Vibrant screen colours (like vivid blue or zingy yellow), often appear less vivid when printed








Calibrate your monitor

The better your monitor is calibrated, the more accurately it will reproduce colours.  


The strip shows a range of greys from pure black to pure white.

You should be able to see a clear difference between each shade of grey, ranging from pure black (left) and pure white (right).


monitor test gray ramp


Along the top of the strips are alternate patches of black and dark grey.


If it looks solid black to you (look very carefully), your monitor's brightness setting is too low. Increase it until you can -just- perceive the difference between the grey and the black squares.


If it resembles either of the two strips below, it is set too bright or too dark...


too bright


too dark


There are also professional monitor systems (although these can be costly).  Personally I use and recommend Spyder3Pro




Sign off

Once you approve the design, we will proceed to make the final print-ready artwork and then send the file to be printed. If you request any design, image or text changes after this time, we will need to charge accordingly.


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